Here are some additional articles about Koi ponds and Koi fish care:

The Nine Best Reasons To Have Koi Pond Plants

Description:   Find out all the great reasons that you will want to invest in cultivating Koi pond plants.

You Can Do Your Own Koi Breeding Successfully

Description:   Although it takes some preparation and attention it is not all that difficult to perform a successful Koi breeding.

Secrets To Successfully Raising Koi Fry

Description:   Learn how to raise Koi fry successfully.

Important Koi Food Mistakes To Avoid

Description: Find out what NOT to do when feeding your Koi.

Which Koi Pond Liner Is Best?

Description: The pros and cons of different types of pond liners.

The Mystique Surrounding Koi Symbolism

Description: If you look into oriental art you’ll find many beautiful examples of the Koi symbolism.

Feeding Koi Properly Depends On The Season

Description: Feeding Koi properly depends on the season…or to be more accurate, on the water temperature.

Have A More Beautiful And Healthier Habitat With A Koi Pond Waterfall

Description: A Koi pond waterfall not only adorns your pond, but also makes the water healthier for your fish. Find out how simple it is to build one and what the benefits are.

Five Ways Your Fish Can Get A Koi Bacterial Infection And How To Treat It

Description: Although they are quite beautiful and hardy Koi are prone to bacterial infection.

How To Care For Your Water Koi

Description: Water Koi are more delicate than they seem and need correct care and proper pond maintenance to thrive.

Koi Pond Equipment: Wants Vs. Needs

Description: With Koi pond equipment, as with everything there are both wants and needs. You must be able to determine which are which.

A Simple Koi Pond Design Helps Keep Maintenance Easy

Description: Simple Koi pond designs help keep water cleaner and make maintenance chores easier.

Winter Tips For Koi Pond Equipment

Description: These winter suggestions will help you to get the most value and mileage from your koi pond equipment.

Which Brand Of Koi Food Should You Choose?

Description: Find out which koi food is best, both for the nutritional needs of your fish, while at the same time being easy on your pocketbook!

Which Is Right For You…A Koi Pond Heater Or A Koi Pond De Icer?

Description: If you live in a climate where your pond freezes over you definitely need one or the other.

The Good News About Fiberglass Koi Pond Liners

Description: Fiberglass is much easier and less expensive to repair than either flexible liners or cement, saving time, work and money!

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