The Good News About Fiberglass
Koi Pond Liners

fiberglass koi pond liner

If you’re thinking about installing a koi pond and aren’t sure which of the various types of koi pond liners is best for your pond, then let me tell you why fiberglass is a great choice!

There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of pond liner and only you can decide which one is right for your pond.

I personally like the fiberglass koi pond liners because they are are both versatile and strong.

They also give you an advantage in designing your koi pond because you can join them together to make a variety of shapes and sizes. You should, however, keep maintenance in mind when planning your design to insure having the best possible water quality for your koi.

You don’t want to have nooks and crannies where decaying organic matter can get caught up or stagnant areas with no water flow.

Fiberglass pond shells are fairly easy to install. Simply excavate, level the shell on 2″-3″ of sand base, install any plumbing you are going to need or want and then backfill the area around the pond.

If you decide to purchase a pond kit, everything you need for your pond should be included and you will have step by step installation instructions. Or you can choose to have your fiberglass pond professionally installed.

Either way it is smart to do some preliminary research so you know what the necessities are and which optional pieces of equipment you might want to include, some of which make pond maintenance a bit easier.

Whatever you do DO NOT neglect to install a bottom drain. It is one of the most important pieces of equipment for keeping your pond clean!

Fiberglass pond liners have several advantages over plastic or rubber flexible liners, and even cement koi ponds, which are often thought to be the longest lasting.

Unlike flexible liners, fiberglass is not subject to rim erosion and punctures, making it structurally more sound. As a result of this it is a more permanent and durable solution.

Fiberglass also resists root damage and sabotage from burrowing animals. Either of these will sometimes cause extensive damage to other pond lining materials.

One of the main reasons I prefer fiberglass over cement is because fiberglass lined ponds are not prone to cracking due to minor ground shifting and settling like cement ponds are. They can also be safer for your koi because they are chemically inert and don’t cause changes to water chemistry and pH like cement can.

Fiberglass is much easier and less expensive to repair than either flexible liners or cement, saving time, work and money!

So, even though cement is the first choice for many, and flexible liners are the least expensive, I personally prefer fiberglass koi pond liners.

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