How To Care For Your Water Koi

Colorful water koi

Water Koi, otherwise known as Koi or Nishikigoi, require  correct  care. Sometimes these vibrant fish may become more lethargic and less playful than they typically are. This is when they need extra special care.

Also known as Cyprinus Carpio, these decorative varieties of Common Carp are known as symbols of love and friendship. These native Japanese fish are available in many colors and color combinations including white, black, red, yellow, blue, cream and silver. Koi are somewhat larger than Goldfish and to take care of them, you need to be just as cautious as you are when caring for Goldfish.

Even though Water Koi are known as one of the oldest species of fish and  can live to well over a hundred years old they are also considered among the most delicate species of fish. These vividly colored creatures need special care. But if you do not know how to care for Koi don’t worry! It isn’t all that difficult. To take proper care of them, you must pay attention to  feeding and pond maintenance.

The first step in caring for your Water Koi includes proper cleaning of your pond. Water quality is the single biggest factor in Koi health. In order to know how to properly care for your fish you need to be knowledgeable about Koi pond maintenance.

Your pond should be filled with water at all times and it should be both aerated and filtered.

Leaves and other debris in your pond must also be removed on a regular basis. You should keep the water as clear as possible. To maintain this clarity you should clean your filter daily.

Any rapid changes in temperature can cause problems for your Koi, thus you should keep a close eye on water temperature. These temperature changes stress your fish and cause their immune systems to become suppressed.

You need to get special pellets to feed your Koi fish. These pellets contain all the essential ingredients that are essential for keeping the fish healthy, happy and active. They should normally be fed twice a day. (although this depends on temperature/season).

A Koi’s skin is covered with a protective slime. This slime should not be removed. It helps protect them from fungus and bacterial diseases.

Water Koi care includes gentle handling of your fish. These fish are very delicate so you need to be pay attention and handle them very carefully.

It is also necessary to keep your other pets away from the pond. The bright colors of Koi fish attract dogs and cats. These pets often would love to make a meal of your treasured Koi. Racoons and herons are other common pond predators that will enjoy making a tasty meal out of your fish!

Nets, motion detectors and even decoys can help to protect your Koi and having pond plants helps by offering them a place to hide.

You must also realize that as your Koi grow they will need more oxygen. These fish can get quite large so don’t be tempted to fill your pond with too many fish just because when you purchased them they were smaller. Overcrowding creates a variety of problems in your pond.

Even though there is much more to learn these are some of the most effective measures of Water Koi care.

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