Do You Really Need A Koi Filter For Your Pond?

The Koi filter is an integral part of any Koi pond. The maintenance of  your pond is among the first things you need to consider when planning your Koi garden.

If you make sure to educate yourself about the key components of Koi pond maintenance while still in the planning stages you can eliminate becoming overwhelmed and deciding to bail out half way through your project. Or worse yet, acquiring your fish and finding you can’t keep them healthy.

The proper maintenance equipment for your pond, mainly the Koi filter and water pump, can hopefully keep bigger troubles and mishaps away for good!

Keep the chemical balance correct in the water by checking it on a weekly basis. Buying your own testing kit is the easiest way to make sure this gets done regularly.

Kits can be purchased at almost any pet store. If you don’t feel confident about doing it properly yourself you can always take some of the water into the pet store and have them do the analysis for you.

Koi fish need a quality filtration system in their pond as they are more sensitive to water quality than many other fish. I recommend you buy the best pump and filter that you can find.

A pond filter will keep the environment in the water well balanced. In their natural environment waste produced by the Koi fish is removed in many ways. The volume of water plus the water’s current both make a contribution to the waste removal process in nature.

Your Koi pond filter needs to serve a dual role. You don’t want the ammonia, or Ph, to build up as it is very harmful to Koi fish. The biological function of the filtration system will break the ammonia down to less harmful substances such as nitrates.

You want to keep Ph and nitrates at a low level in your pond or they can become harmful to your fish. The mechanical function of the filter cleans all types of particles from the water. Whoever takes care of your pond will remove these particles as part of it’s regular maintenance.

A quality pond filter will only work with the water circulating through it. This can be attained by properly installing the water pump. Don’t skimp here as this is one of the few working parts in your Koi pond. With a good pump pushing the water and circulating it through the filter your Koi fish will be happy, healthy and content.

A waterfall or fountain not only adds serenity to your Koi garden, it will improve the health of your fish. A constant oxygen supply will be enhanced by these items. They will churn up the water and fold air into it. This process is called aeration.

To keep your Koi fish healthy and give them brilliant color they need a good, clean pond. This objective can be obtained by investing in a quality Koi filter.

Koi pond filters

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