Which Brand Of Koi Food Should You Choose?

koi food

Have you ever looked at all the different brands of koi food and wondered which one would be the best for your koi? I know I have had that dilemma.

So I decided to do some research and find out which koi food was best, both for the nutritional needs of my fish, while at the same time being easy on my pocketbook! How could I get the biggest “bang for my buck”?

I already knew that as a dietary base I prefer a pelleted food. One of my biggest reasons for this is because it’s easy to see how much your fish consume. You want to make sure not to feed more than your koi will eat in five minutes.

Uneaten food sinks to the bottom of the pond and starts to decay. You don’t want to let that happen because it wastes food (and money!) and dirties your pond water.

The biggest single thing that affects the health of your koi is the quality of your pond water. When you overfeed, the decomposing organic matter combined with the increase in excrement produced by your koi will cause a drastic decline in your pond’s water quality.

Recently, I began researching and comparing a few of the more popular brands of koi food. My research shows that there are several high quality brands of koi fish food with different nutritional benefits.

In fact, you can save time and money on pond cleaning by spending a bit more on koi food! Some of the higher quality foods claim to reduce fish waste production as they are more efficiently digested.

A wide variety of high quality, well balanced koi fish foods can be obtained through Hikari. They offer Economy, Staple & Gold varieties as well as their Saki-Hikari varieties, developed especially for breeders and show koi.

Hikari koi fish food seems to be the “gold standard” by which others in the industry are measured. Over 100 years of research and development have gone into the products they have on the market today.

I was very excited to see that they have produced a multi-season food so that you don’t have to worry as much about changing food with the temperature. What type of food to feed your koi is always a concern when temperatures start to fluctuate.

Saki-Hikari Multi-Season Koi Food is specially developed to be fed through all the seasons until the temperatures dip below 58 degrees fahrenheit.

Another brand that I looked into during my research was Dainichi. They have a revolutionary process for encapsulating their food with vitamins and minerals after it has gone through the cooking process so that it retains vital nutrients that are otherwise lost through heating.

They also incorporate a bentonite clay, containing over 60 minerals, into their food. Besides the extra nutrients for the fish it is also supposed to be beneficial to the ecosystem of your pond!

Another well-known and recognized brand is Tetra. They have an excellent line of koi food and also offer other pond and fish products.

With so many different to choose from it is a good idea to ask around and do a little research to see which brand you think makes the best koi food.

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