A Simple Koi Pond Design Helps Keep Maintenance Easy

Keeping your Koi pond design simple will help keep your Koi healthy. A simple design and the right sized Koi filter promotes good water flow and filtration.

Keeping your water clear and clean is the most important thing and this can only be done with the help of proper Koi pond filtration.

Another priority for good, healthy fish is to make sure your pond is an adequate size for the number of Koi you want to keep. These are fast growing fish that have a minimum lifespan of 25 years.

The size of an ideal Koi pond should not be less than 1500 gallons. This size is a minimum and bigger is even better.

Since Koi are such beautiful aquatic animals and have become popular as much loved pets “Designer Koi Ponds” are currently in high demand.

Despite wanting to get creative you should be careful not to make the shape of your pond too elaborate. Oblong and rectangular shapes are considered the best designs for Koi ponds.

As stated earlier, a simple design will help promote good water flow and aid in proper filtration.

Your first step in designing your pond will be to decide where you want to place it and this may have some bearing on the shape you decide upon.

While there is some flexibility when deciding on shape there is not too much flexibility when planning depth.

Three feet is the minimum depth you should consider in a Koi pond. This will help protect your Koi from predators and provide cooler water in summer as well as an unfrozen area in winter.

Also, Koi prefer to swim up and down as opposed to laterally, so a deeper pond will afford them more exercise.

By incorporating a beautiful design you will not only enhance the look of your Koi garden, but also make it more serene.

There are many touches you can add to give a unique and beautiful look to your pond. Rocks matching the color of the exterior of your home can be added, as can a Koi pond waterfall.

There are many types of Koi pond plants to choose from when landscaping the area in and around your pond. Both marginal plants and water plants can be added.

Other types of decorative features include fountains, statuary and bridges.

Simplicity can be beautiful so keep in mind that maintenance will be easier for you if you incorporate a simple Koi pond design.

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