Keep Maintenance Stress Free By Having The Right Koi Supplies On Hand

Koi Supplies

Keeping Koi supplies close at hand will keep your Koi fish ownership experience more stress free and pleasant. It’s smart to stock up on all supplies even if they are not used on a daily basis. Supplies are an important component of Koi care.

The water in the pond will need to be replenished from time to time. Tap water is generally what is used. Harming your Koi can be avoided by using a declorinator as it will help to rid any harmful chemicals in the tap water. Be sure to read the directions carefully.

It is best to check nitrate and ph levels daily. Koi owners can purchase test kits at almost any quality pet store. You should always keep pond salt and baking soda on hand. These items are used to regulate the nitrate and ph levels whenever the testing shows them to be “off”.

You want to keep the water well oxygenated. This will keep your fish happy and content. There are many ways to oxygenate your Koi pond. Placing a fountain or waterfall in your pond will accomplish this as well as producing a serene and tranquil setting for you, the owner of the Koi pond.

When you install a fountain or waterfall in your pond remember that neither will replace the water pump. Removing unwanted waste and pollutants is necessary and will keep your Koi healthy and happy.

Koi filters are designed to maintain water quality and require a pump to keep the water moving through them to be effective. A good filtration system is necessary in the pond you are building to keep the koi healthy. so once again let me emphasize that you should get a high quality water pump.

Let’s talk about Koi food. There are a wide variety of types and it’s important to always keep a good supply on hand. The koi will learn to eat out of your hand with patience. Feeding your Koi can be one of the most enjoyable rituals in your day. Snacks and special treats are also good to have on hand as long as you keep them fresh.

You should have a net installed for protection against predators and it should be securely placed over your pond. Koi fish are highly visible with all of their bright colors.

If you’re able to build your koi pond under a tree it will help prevent flying predators like cranes, kingfishers and the dreaded heron from changing your pond from beautiful to empty! Creating overhangs high enough all around the pond will help stop cats, foxes, raccoons and badgers from helping themselves to a meal.

A properly placed net will also keep leaves and debris from blowing into your koi pond. Such debris will quickly gum up the works of all the electronic devices and filters used to enhance the environment for your Koi.

There is considerable effort and thought that needs to go into a Koi pond. With their brilliant colors and calming ways the Koi are magnificent fish. Adding a fountain or waterfall is well worth the effort and should give you years of enjoyment when sitting by your Koi fish pond.

Remember do not run out of the necessary Koi supplies!

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